Metro Telugu Full Movie || 2017 Telugu Movies || Bobby Simha, Shirish Sharavanan

Watch Metro Telugu Full Movie.

Metro starts off with a thrilling note and within a short span of time we get to know that the film revolves around chain snatching, its impact and how it affects the characters in the movie. Armed with a promising premise the movie slowly guides us through a chain of events. Violence is predominantly present and speaks loudly throughout the movie. The dark shades of the movie are effectively sprinkled all over the plot and constantly remind us about the nature of the content.

Starring: Shirish, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan, Nishanth and Among Others.

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Directed by Ananda Krishnan
Produced by Rajani Talluri
Written by Ananda Krishnan
Music ny Johan Shevanesh
Cinematography by N. S. Uthaya Kumar
Edited by M. Ramesh Baarathi

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