Bellary Naga | Vishnuvardhan, Ramesh Bhat, Avinash | Kannada Full Movie

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The story is about Ballari Naga who seems to be quite low in his moods. He is under the guard and guidance of Vishwanatha Gowda but no one knows it. Naga has got a distinct image with cooling glasses, pan in his mouth, flashy outfits and he is always there at the place where there is crime and injustice bashing up the baddies. Meanwhile, property dispute erupts at Vishwanatha Gowda’s house as brother and sister start fighting and Vishwanatha assigns Naga to be the caretaker of the property. This sets the brother and sister against Naga and they try to outbeat him at any cost. Are they successful in their attempts? Why Vishwanatha Gowda has been guarding Naga in secret? All this forms the rest of the story

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